Custom Gaming PC for Streaming on Twitch

As requested here is a custom gaming PC that can be used to stream on Twitch.

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor

Cooler: Corsair H60 54.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler

Motherboard: Asus Z170-K ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR4 2666 (PC4-21300) 2666MHz C16 memory kit for DDR4 Systems (CMK16GX4M4A2666C16)

Har Drive: Samsung 850 EVO-Series 500GB 2.5″ Solid State Drive

Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB SSC ACX 2.0+ Video Card

Case: NZXT Phantom (White) ATX Full Tower Case

Power Supply: SeaSonic Platinum 860W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

Optical Drive: Lite-On iHAS124-14 DVD/CD Writer

Monitor: Asus VG248QE 144Hz 24.0″ Monitor

Keyboard: Razer DeathStalker Wired Gaming Keyboard


Duco Gaming Glasses Review

anti-blue light computer glasses

If you are always on your computer for long periods of time, typing away words, gaming, or just surfing the web, you need a pair of Duco full rim ergonomic advanced computer glasses with yellow lens tint 8016 (Shine Black). This pair of glasses is perhaps the (real) excuse to staring even more on your computer screen, for hours on end without nursing eye strains. (Ophthalmologists have no case on the Duco Optiks-inspired ergonomic glasses). They are chic, contemporary and overly comfy.

Forget Gunnars that cost an arm and leg. Duco gaming glasses feel and look better, and best of all they’re relatively affordable (meaning they won’t cripple your wallet like the former pair of gaming glasses. According to a reliable Duco gaming glasses review, these glasses are the best thing to ever happen after sliced bread. While it’s not mentioned anywhere, these gaming glasses boast a minor zoom. You need to wear them to notice yourself. Overall, they’re great!

duco gaming glasses


Duco crafted these computer glasses for that user who stares at a digital screen for lengthy periods of time in mind. This explains the function-anti-glare anti-radiation and anti-blue light features of the glasses, which minimizes visual glare keeping your eyes feeling comfortable, less dry and without stressing or straining when staring at a digital screen for long periods of time.

Another essential feature mentioned in a Duco gaming glasses review on Amazon is the amber lens tint. This material, in combination with ultra-pure lens and anti-glare coating materials, allow the Duco gaming glasses to provide a much clearer and sharper vision for serious gamers.

Also, there is the ultra light and bendable shatterproof tr90 frame. This vital feature allows for a comfortable fit of the glasses to your eyes. Best of all, the tr9 frame is RX compatible. This means they’re designed to allow users (or wearers) to replace the lenses with their own prescription lenses. That’s utter convenience right there!



Going by any published Duco gaming glasses review online, these computer glasses are not just awesome but they’re made of high-quality material (light, quality plastic), yet costs less. They fit (and feel very) comfortable on the face when worn. They actually rest easily and lightly on the bridge of the users nose. In addition, the yellow lens tint offers a clear vision with no distortion. And since it comes with both a hard and soft case and a mini screwdriver, it’s a must have.

The biggest advantage to these gaming glasses versus Gunnar Optiks is cost. You can get 2 or 3 pairs of these for the price of 1 pair of Gunnars and I am guessing you won’t notice much difference.




Other than the yellow tint not being as dark as it should be, thus far, the Duco full rim ergonomic advanced computer glasses seem to be very popular. The market has positively embraced the Duco gaming glasses, which is a good thing for the manufacturer. Hopefully Gunnar will lower their pricing in regards to all the gaming glasses out now. More and more competitors are popping up and that drives prices down. Great for us consumers!




All in all, there are better (and cheaper) computer glasses available, but the Duco gaming glasses are quickly gaining traction and may out rank Gunnars and take the cake as the best gaming glasses available. The Duco is a favorite for many serious gamers. And looking at the Duco gaming glasses reviews on Amazon, it has a huge following. For that alone it deserves a *five-star rating (out of 5 stars).

Check out this info-graphic that Duco made below. I found it pretty interesting.

gaming glasses infographic

GAMMA RAY Computer Glasses VS Gunnars

gamma ray computer glasses

If you are looking for gaming or computer classes, you will be surprised by all the cheap alternatives to the original and highly desired but expensive Gunnar glasses. Gamma Ray is a company that I just found out about and it appears they only sell their computer glasses on under the name Gamma Ray Optics.

Their pricing strategy is very aggressive. You can find almost all of their gaming glasses that are tinted yellow for under $20. Some are as low as $10. Considering Gunnar charges around $60 on average for their models, this is a significant saving and worth trying out.

I picked up a pair of Gamma Ray glasses to review. They have a few different lines with multiple styles. They include:

I decided to pick up a pair of their cheapest gaming glasses  to review. The GAMMA RAY VALUELINE Computer Glasses Anti Blue Ray Anti Glare and Anti UV Monitor and Screen Glasses. These were on sale for 75% OFF.

Many of you are wondering if gaming glasses work, and I can respond with a definite YES!! Eyestrain is a major problem in today’s society. Everyone is constantly starring at a computer screen or other device. Overtime your eyes become strained, get blurry, fatigued, and soar. This causes headaches as well as other problems that are easily avoidable if we take the right precautions. Gaming glasses are a step in the right direction.

There are other ways of achieving the goal of reducing eye strain while staring at a computer monitor. You could install a program such as F.lux which adjusts your monitor to more natural and pleasing levels.

gunnar vs gamma ray optics

>>Click here for the best price on Gamma Ray Computer Glasses

Ok, so onto my review of the Gamma Ray Optics computer glasses. I picked up this model because it was their cheapest pair and I wanted to compare that to my expensive pair of Gunnars. Based on just the picture above it is probably hard for you to tell which pair is which. Gunnars feature more of a yellow tint vs the Gamma Ray glasses features a semi yellow tint. Based of of that we now know that the Gunnars are on the left and the Gamma Ray glasses are on the right.

Build Quality: Both pairs feel fairly similar and are very well made I am sure you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if you were to just put on the frame without knowing the brand.

Comfort: Both pairs are comfortable and fit to my head but everyone is different so it is hard to tell if you like this style or not. Some people do not like glasses that wrap behind their ears.

  • The flexlite line allows RX Compatible allowing you the option of having your optician replacing the lenses with your own prescription lenses. This seems like a lot of work and may be costly depending on your eye clinic. On the other hand you can just give Gunnar your prescription and they will give you a set price and custom build the glasses for you.
  • I am pretty sure all of the Gunnar glasses have a slight magnification to them which really helps when you are stating at a screen. Th Flexlite line is the only line where you can choose your magnification. Gunnar does not allow you to choose your magnification unless you get a prescription pair.
  • Both pairs have an anti-glare coating on them but it appears that the Gamma Ray glasses smudge easier than the Gunnar Optics do.
  • The Gunnar Optics come in a soft baggy and a hard case will cost you a bit more unless you use a generic hard case. On the other hand, Gamma Rays come with a hard case and cleaning towel.

Overall for the price the Gamma Ray compute glasses are worth trying out if you can’t afford to purchase Gunnars. These glasses will not replace my Gunnar glasses mainly for theses reasons:

  • Gunnars feel more comfortable and lightweight. I barely notice that they are on.
  • Their yellow tint seem more comforting.
  • They are more curved which Gunnar says it helps reduce the effects of your eyes drying out.


Gunnar RPG & Cerberus Review

gunnar designed by razer rpg and cerberus

There’s no finer gaming glasses that make a statement of refined individualism and typifies unequaled creativity than what Gunnar and Razer have teamed up to create. They’ve unleashed the ultimate in collaborative eyewear and revolutionized gaming eyewear. Gunnar being a revered producer of computer and gaming eyewear while Razer an equally well-regarded manufacturer of software games and connected devices, teamed up and crafted chic RPG and Cerberus eyewear.

These are not your average gaming glasses but a sheer statement of ingenuity. The patented i-AMP lens technology that’s Gunnar’s meets the hip frame design that’s Razer’s to form a nifty, classic eyewear that trends to insurmountable heights.

Never mind Razer’s high-flying credo: “For Games. By Gamers” and the iconic black and green branding gives the already attractive eyewear an unrivaled edge. Based on my Gunnar RPG & Cerberus review, there’s more to these sterling glasses than meets the eye, quite literally.

Gunnar’s RPG and Cerberus eyewear were both ingeniously engineered to reduce eye strain and improve visual acuity while gaming. Featured frames are lightweight with rubber temple arms that are overly green (Razer’s trademark color). Razer’s RPG fits comfortably on your eyes and further provides an expansive view of the gaming world. That’s because it comes with an ultra detailed quad-core hinge design and a remarkable dual rail temple construction for great gaming.

RPG gaming glasses are perhaps the perfect gamer eye-protection you’ll get in today’s market. Why? It boasts a magnesium-aluminum armoring that’s exceptionally light, has an ergonomic twist and adjustable nose pads to its design that transforms it for the better. If you pay particular attention to any Gunnar RPG & Cerberus review, you’ll realize that Razer’s Cerberus glasses were also crafted with similar sterling standards and utmost attention.

The only difference perhaps is how it easily merges contemporary digital lines with the conventional style. Incidentally, Cerberus eyewear was crafted of the best materials. The frames temples are designed with ultra-light thermoplastic rubber and aluminum-magnesium material, merging durability with ergonomics in a distinct way. Throw in i-AMP lens technology and you have a set of high performance glasses with an ideal fit.

These two variants of gaming glasses designed by Razer were crafted to offer excellent optic quality and durability, thanks to deceptively light and highly resistant materials. Their quality is enhanced by their use of springs that contort and flex. If you have a bigger head or face, worry not as Gunnar’s RPG and Cerberus glasses can adjust to any head or face shape.

Forget conventional gaming glasses. Gunnar’s and Razer’s eyewear creates a splendid panoramic field of view thanks to wider frames that immerse players in the action. In a recent Gunnar RPG & Cerberus review, Razer CEO, Min-Liang Tan, was on record saying the cutting-edge design of gaming products that Razer subscribes to, and Gunnar’s passion for product novelty is the perfect formula that’ll push the limits of performance and style even further. Need we say more?


  • Elegant Design
  • Super comfortable
  • Built very well and features great durability
  • Protects your eyes from long gaming sessions
  • Helps you see better by not drying out your eyes.
  • Lightweight
  • Also available in sun glass form.

Check out the latest prices of the Gunnar RPG and Cerberus on Amazon

duko optiks

So I saw that there were some new gaming glasses available on Amazon for relatively cheap and I decided to order them to give them a go and see how they compare to some of the more expensive gaming glasses.

Duco Optiks was a brand that I have never heard of until they showed up in a search. When I purchased them they were priced at just $35 and qualified for my free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime. I ordered them and had them in 2 days.

When I opened the box I was surprised to see them packaged in a nice box with an actual hard glasses case and soft cloth case as well as a cleaning cloth. I should really upload the pictures that I took but my camera is acting up. I will post those later when I have time.

When I first tried them on I noticed that they were extremely light and pretty much felt the way I thought they would being that they look like a cheap pair of plastic sunglasses. They do have the amber yellow tint lens with anti-glare coatings but I doubt they are the same coating that Gunnar uses as the price is so cheap. Anyways I continued to sit down and play a few games of FIFA 15 and slowly my eyes adjusted to the yellow tint and felt relaxed.

I can say that I played 4-5 games and my eyes were not fatigued and after awhile I really forgot that they were on. However, I was not wearing my headset at the time so I can’t comment how they hold up and feel while wearing a gaming headset. I put them on with my headset and since they somewhat wrap around your ear, I am guessing that after a long period of time you may get some sort of soreness by your ears. Don’t let that stop you from purchasing these though, because for the price they seem to be a great pair of gaming glasses and are also covered under a 1 year limited manufactures warranty.

As with all gaming glasses and glasses in general you really have to try them on to see who they feel as everyone has a different head size and structure. If you would like to see what other people are saying about the Duco Optiks gaming glasses you can check out the other reviews by clicking here.

NoScope Gaming Glasses Review

NoScope Hydra Series Gaming GlassesWhat are NoScope Gaming Glasses?

NoScope Gaming Glasses are the new cheaper alternative to the high priced Gunnars that have revolutionized the gaming industry. Gaming glasses help enhance your vision and performance by reducing eye fatigue. when staring at a computer screen for long periods of time, your eyes start to dry out. The technology in gaming glasses allows you to not only focus longer, but they help you blink more often which results in wetter eyes and less eye fatigue. The NoScope Gaming Glasses are geared towards the gaming market but can also work wonders for people who stare at a computer screen all day.

How do they compare to Gunnar Gaming Glasses?

NoScope gaming glasses are very similar to Gunnar gaming glasses in that they are a new player in the industry. Gunnars have a well know reputation, but are very expensive. You can purchase NoScope Gaming glasses for as little as $20 and their highest end model costing $30. Gunnars on the other hand range from $70-$150+. Both companies offer a very similar product in build quality and function by filtering out the harsh blue light that is emitted by electronic devices. The yellow tinted glasses help reduce eye strain and fatigue while improving clarity.

How do they work?

Like all gaming glasses the NoScope Gaming glasses don’t discolor your entire screen and turn it completely yellow like you would think. They filter out the blue levels and after wearing them for a bit you will start to see more natural colors.


We had issues getting comfortable with the glasses. Within a few hours of wearing them; I found they become somewhat uncomfortable, especially behind the ears as they press into your head. They seemed to be a little too tight. (I am told they have newer models available that improve comfort, but I am still waiting to get some for review.) I don’t have a big head but maybe they just don’t fit me right as they are a one size fits all. Luckily if you are not playing games for a very long extended time they should be just fine. I just took them off after a match was loading to relive some of the pressure to my head. You could possibly put some rubber on the ends to get them to feel more comfortable.


NoScope Orion Series Gaming GlassesDo they work?

Just like the Gunnar glasses I have, I find that they offer the same effect at a reduced price. Gunnar has a ton of different styles to choose from, while NoScope Gaming Glasses only has 3 designs. They did help prevent eye fatigue and I did notice that I was blinking a lot more that I normally do with out gaming glasses. Sometimes I will get a headache after playing games for too long or staring at my computer screen at work all day, but when I wear gaming glasses, I feel more refreshed and can say I do not get headaches or red eyes.


The glasses are quite big, almost like skiing glasses. This goes back to the “comfort” section and the one size fits all. With glasses, they should be made to fit your face. If you work in a big office, you might not get away with wearing these on a daily basis and you might be called a few names – these glasses are huge. If this doesn’t faze you then they will be perfect to wear while at work, especially if you use a computer for long hours.

For gaming at home, you will have no worries. If they had a few different designs and sizes to choose from, that would have been a bonus.


The price is a big bonus for these glasses, at a mere $20, you are getting glasses which will work and definitely reduce eye fatigue. Compared to others in the market, which are onward of $100, the choice is between quality and price.

NoScope Demon Series Gaming GlassesDurability

The glasses are plastic and could easily be damaged and scratched. If you are not good with taking care of items, you may want to buy a second set as a spare since they are very cheap. But hey, what do you expect out of a $20 pair of gaming glasses.

Do they have prescription glasses available?

If you wear glasses and are looking to get a prescription from NoScop, you are out of luck, you will have to pay a very large amount and get some Gunnars as they are the only company that offers prescription gaming glasses.


Overall, I would have to say that NoScope Gaming glasses are an excellent choice for the budget consumer or someone who just wants to test to see if gaming glasses are right for them. With a price tag of just $20 you really cant go wrong. Once you decided you want to spend some more money on style, you can have a look at the many options that Gunnars offer.



Check out all of the NoScope Gaming Glasses available to purchase on Amazon today:

f.lux eye fatigue program vs Gunnar Optik Glasses


We had a viewer ask a question on how the free f.lux computer program prevented eye fatigue vs Gunnar Optik Gaming Glasses.

Let me start off by telling you the main difference. f.lux helps prevent eye strain at night, while Gunnar Optik gaming glasses work in any light source.

f.lux makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. f.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you’re in, all the time. When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again. Tell f.lux what kind of lighting you have, and where you live. Then forget about it. f.lux will do the rest, automatically.

This is all fine and dandy, but f.lux will only work on certain devices and will not work on your gaming consoles like the Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo.

On the Other hand, Gunnar glasses are engineered to eliminate eyestrain all day long no mater the lighting conditions. Obviously they will not help you in a pitch black situation, but you get what I mean.

Here are a few reviews of what people have to say comparing Gunnar glasses to f.lux::

I work on my computer 8+ hours a day and my prescription Gunnars have seriously helped. Hardly any eyestrain and no more headaches. When I take them off while working my eyes start to hurt from all the blue light. I used f.lux for about 20 minutes and I just couldn’t get over the tint of the screen, it was very odd. The Gunnar’s yellow tint is not very noticeable to me and doesn’t feel odd like f.lux tints did. I was able to use my HSA to purchase them directly from the site and my work provides a 25%-50% discount, so that may be something to look into.

Starting Easter of 2014, end of April time frame, I began experiencing this weird sort of eye pain and head sensations. They weren’t headaches that could be ameliorated with Advil or any pain killers. I would typically get it during the work day around 11 in the morning, almost like clock work. It would be this mild, chronic pain for almost the whole day. The dull aching would only subside during night, when I was sleeping. It was this feeling like my pupil was fighting to open and close at the same time, almost as if it was fighting against itself only to cause this odd straining sensation. It wasn’t bad pain, I could live it with just fine, but my eyes never felt relaxed, they always felt stressed.

I saw an urgent care nurse who told me it was allergies. Wrong! This was the beginning of many, wasted, and expensive medical bills.

So, I lived with this for a few weeks after the urgent care nurse checked me out over Easter. I later went to a general doctor. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me, and said I most likely had perfect brain health. Add $150 to that medical bill total. We’re up to $250 now. A couple days later, I went to my first ophthalmologist recommended by the doctor. I got my eyes blasted with light, dilated, eyelids flipped, and eye balls prodded with all sorts of things. I have perfect vision according them. It’s actually better than 20/20, but there’s no cause for any of the pain I’m having. At this point, I forget what it feels like to live without this dull pain and it’s hard to know the difference between being healthy or just having a less painful day.

Plus another $100 for a $350 total. I go for another checkup and different type of examination a month later. An exam they couldn’t have done on my dilated eyeball. Still, nothing “wrong”, but add $150 to the total. $500 now. I go to the normal doctor another time for different pain related to my eye issue, but, even a blood test later, and there’s still nothing wrong with me. Plus another $100 to $600 total.

A month or so later, I get fed up and go to the eye doc another time. Total doctor bills coming up to $750. He suggests reading glasses, but still says there’s nothing wrong with me.

So, I get the reading glasses, but they don’t help at all, they just make things worse on my computer since I can only see things directly in front of me. I’m a software engineer, so I’m on a computer quite often. However, the reading glasses idea got me looking into other types of glasses. Well, surprise, I came across Gunnar. I quickly bought up a silly looking pair at best buy for $50. Since that day in late October, I rediscovered what it felt like to be normal again. I didn’t realize how terrible I was feeling for those 6 months until I was back to normal. I’ve used those glasses since last October, and couldn’t be happier.

The glasses themselves aren’t much, which confuses me as to why they fixed my issues. They do two, maybe three things. They prevent glare, they block blue light, and they are supposed to prevent your eyes from drying out by creating a sort of eye-friendly, eco system behind the lens. Not sure if I buy into that. My only hypothesis is that I have a sensitivity to blue light. I’m under a lot of fluorescent lighting which could be problem. Plus a monitor always blasting. Regardless, after having these glasses on for some time, it’s obvious how bright blue can be. I take them off and almost instantly squint at the drastic increase in blue light. That part does work, and so does the glare removal.

Overall, for what they are, they’re overpriced, but I truly believe they help remove eye strain from artificial lighting and computer usage. You may not have a medical issue to solve like me, but I’m sure most people would see some benefit from a pair of these glasses. I wish I had bought them before spending $750 on pointless medical bills. I’ll be going back to the eye doc in a few days since October to ask him why these glasses solved my issues. Hopefully they will have some sort of explanation and can maybe offer my some sort of medical alternative to Gunnars, but we’ll see! I like my Gunnars, and I would recommend some to people who sit by computers all days.

I also wear them during video watching at home and sometimes driving. I know you can’t do that with f.lux.”


As a programmer and gamer, I live by my Gunnars. I use them 10+ hours a day, and as mentioned by other users, the color change is barely noticeable. A caveat is graphic design applications, but flux can affect this as well.

I purchased my pair 6 years ago, incredibly skeptical at the time, but I consider it one of the best investments in my health and work I’ve ever made. Eye strain is a thing of the past. It helped with the bags under my eyes, as well as keeping me from getting bloodshot eyes from long, long nights.

I’ve gifted several to friends and family at desk jobs. My father swears by them as the thing that kept him from needing readers, but as I’m not an optometrist, I can’t confirm his claims.

Eye fatigue comes from the glossy screen.

There is the real image and a sightly out of focus reflection that your eyes are constantly in a focus mode and between the two images constantly causes strain.

The object is to get a matte screen or apply a anti-glare film to the monitor that will diffuse and scatter the incoming photons from other light sources so they don’t bounce directly into your eye off the screen.

A alternative is to reduce all the alternate sources of light reaching the screen, closing blinds, turning off overhead or behind you type lights etc. Also painting the walls a darker color that absorbs more light rays. This is not always possible or adequate for outside uses, so it’s just better to apply the film.

Flux is a program that reduces the blue spectrum in monitors at a certain time to mimic the setting sun/darkness so your pituitary gland starts producing serotonin so your brain goes to sleep. Otherwise a computer monitor can disrupt your sleep cycle by keeping you awake.

The yellow tinted glasses don’t defect the reflections coming off the monitor as they are mixed with the image the monitor is producing and the glasses can’t tell the difference.

The glasses are for reflections that are coming from the inside of the glasses themselves from the entry point on the sides of your head, not off the monitor. The glasses do help with a brightness a little etc., but nothing for the monitor reflections.

As someone with contacts, the Gunnars are a godsend. They shape their frames & lenses to hug your face, and it really does help with dry eyes. f.lux is great, but whether or not the color gamut will shift as the screen is dimmed will largely depend upon your monitor. If f.lux cost the same amount as Gunnars, I’d take Gunnars over f.lux. But f.lux is basically free, so it does have its own high-value proposition.

Since we’re frugaling, I bought mine from an optometrist with my flex account. Last winter, I had a little money left unused in my FSA and submitted a claim for the Gunnars, thinking at worst, they’ll reject it and I’ll have to reimburse them. I was planning on purchasing a pair either way, so I didn’t have much to lose.

Did they accept it only because I purchased them from an optometrist? Hard to say, but it’s worth considering if you over-allocated your flex account and don’t need $100 worth of band-aids and contact solution.

As you can see, most people see to prefer Gunnar glasses over f.lux. You can easily pick up a cheap pair of Gunnars and try them out for your self. I recommend the Sheadog Crystaline series if you prefer a clear color, or if you want the Yellow tint, then the Gunnar PPK work great.
sheadog crystalinegunnar ppk

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GUNNARS- Now Available At GameStop

gunnar gamestop

Looking for the best gaming glasses locally? Now GameStop sells Gunnars. When you purchase a set of Gunnar Gaming Glasses from GameStop, you will receive a free case and lens cleaner. You can purchase any set from or your local GameStop retail store.

gunnar gamestop free case and cleaner


Do Gaming Glasses Work?

Gunnar MLG PhantomThe popularity of gaming is exploding. Almost everyone now knows what the phrase “computer games” means. From children and even those children at heart, no one seems to get enough of their game time. Many of today’s gamers put hours of gaming time into a single computer program. Their mind becomes aroused and excited with the feeling that they are unraveling the mysteries and the game play of a computer program. They tend to get frustrated sometimes and this results to extreme measures such as not eating, not resting, not exercising and even not sleeping just to figure out all of the hidden and visible elements of a game.

On the other hand, these so-called dedicated gamers suffer eye conditions that sometimes lead to severe ones. Their long hours of exposure to the glares of the screens of their computer consoles and their urge not to take their eyes off the screen speeds up their chances of developing visual conditions such  as eye strain, eye fatigue, eye irritation, eye dryness, and migraines. Well, gamers are not usually stopped by these minor hazards and they simply continue their gaming exploits. Luckily, some brilliant men invented the gaming glasses. It is claimed that these glasses are capable of preventing these minor conditions and prolonging the playing endurance of a gamer. They also claimed that wearing it while playing will make the eyes more relaxed and comfortable, allowing the gamer to experience a level of game play that is clearer and much more detailed.

However, do gaming glasses really work? Well, according to its makers and some of its users “yes, they do work”. It is said that the gaming glasses are specially designed to prevent, lessen or even remove any possibilities that a gamer could develop such visual conditions. The idea behind this technology is that its specially coated lenses will deflect some of the unnecessary colors that are emitted by the light spectrum coming from the screen. Another is that its dim tint allows it to block out some of the excess brightness that comes from the glare of the screen. Together with the protection that it gives it is also capable of improving any gamers’ playing experience. The decrease in the brightness of the glare allows the gamer to see the game more clearly. The deflection of the unnecessary lights makes some of the smallest graphical details of the game crisper, and makes the outline of the images more define. And finally the fit of the gaming glasses towards the eye area shields the eyes from any dust particles and blown air that may irritate and dry the eyes.

If you will look at the hazards that you’ve experienced while not using the glasses, you will want to give gaming glasses a try to see if they help improve your gaming session. The gaming glasses function in the same principle as all of the things that people wear. When a person wears a set of clothes, he will protect his body from the elements. When a person wears a pair of socks and shoes, he protects his feet against the would-be damage of walking, and wearing a pair of gaming glasses while playing will definitely protect your eyes from all of the hazards that might come from gaming.

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